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on the journey to helping millions of people overcome chronic health conditions through personalised, scientific wellness!

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Every symptom is a clue to an underlying cause, and at Synergised, we're passionate about unravelling these mysteries. 

Step into a new era of healthcare with Synergised! In a world dominated by symptom suppression, we defy the norm. Instead of merely managing symptoms, we dive deep to discover the root cause, providing relief at its source, not just on the surface.

Experience a holistic approach to healthcare that considers every facet of your life – from the microbiome to nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress. At Synergised, we're not just a healthcare solution; we're a lifestyle revolution.

Traditional healthcare falls short, but we're here to revolutionize it with cutting-edge home testing, personalized health coaching, and science-backed nutritional supplements – your all-in-one hub for integrated health solutions.

Join our mission to redefine healthcare standards. Be a part of our crowdfunding campaign and invest as little as £10. Together, let's disrupt the status quo and usher in a future where holistic well-being takes center stage!

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What is crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding involves people – the “crowd” – investing money in an early-stage private, or unlisted, company (a company that is not listed on a stock market) in exchange for a share, or equity, in that company.
We’re running our crowdfunding on Seedrs. You invest in return for equity in the company – so you’ll become a shareholder in

Does pre-registering commit me to investing?

Not at all. Pre-registering means you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to invest first when we open privately, as once we’ve reached our maximum target we’ll close the crowdfunding round.

What shareprice am I buying at?

You’ll pay the same share price as our latest investors paid in December 2023. These details will be available when our pitch page goes live, and you are able to invest.

What type of shares would I own?

The shares we’re offering are called ordinary shares. Ordinary shares have voting rights on any resolution put to the shareholders. 

Why is Synergised inviting us to become owners?
Giving our community the chance to share in and shape our future has always been a priority for us. Our community has been instrumental in the evolution of Synergised and our products and services to date. Our mission is to improve the health of millions, and this is only possible if our community is together with us. So giving this opportunity to you to become owners is a natural next step.

Why is Synergised raising capital?

We're committed to leading holistic healthcare globally and need capital to fuel our growth. The funds will diversify our product line, enhance marketing efforts, and expand our expert team. Your support isn't just an investment; it's a vital contribution to transforming healthcare.

How much do I need to invest?

As much as you’d like and a minimum of £10. The more you invest, the more equity you will hold in Synergised.

How can I make money on my shares?
Synergised hopes to be acquired by another company at an increased share price compared to your initial investment. Should this strategy unfold successfully, you will get a return on your investment.

Can I sell my shares? What if I need my money back?
You can only make a return on your investment if there is an 'exit' or 'Liquidation event' such as a trade sale or IPO. This is a long-term investment horizon so you should only invest what you can afford to lose or don't need in the short/medium term. 

Alternatively, you can express your interest in selling your shares in Synergised and if there is enough demand we will consider a secondary sale of shares. If such a transaction takes place, you will be notified with more information.

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