A 12-week protocol that provides the perfect solution for anyone who wants to rebuild their gut and optimise their health.


If you suffer from skin issues, bloating, gas, acid reflux, irregular bowel movements, brain fog, poor mood, migraines, low energy or joint pain…the chances are that your gut is not healthy!

Heal your gut, change your life.


  • 17 in-depth videos on the GIP and on how to optimise your health.
  • Interactive and printable eBook.
  • Extensive GIP Q&A guide and a separate Q&A section for post-protocol queries.



  • Access to my "Resources eBook" with a list of the recommended brands that I use in private practice for nutritional supplements. You'll also discover the 3 supplements that everyone should be taking on a daily basis.
  • Video on how to maintain results after the GIP.
  • Video on the foundational supplements that almost everyone should be taking on a daily basis!

Imagine being the healthiest you can be...

I have experienced something truly amazing that I have never had - I have had regular bowel movement in the past 5 weeks at least and the constant pain I have had in past 10 years caused by my always inflamed bowel has gone!”

- Bernadett Nagy

“I was having complaints of low energy, bloating, weight gain, gas, and rosacea. I learned so much even from the consultation that I was excited to start the healing process.

Within a few days I would say my rosacea flare ups had eased (I was always having them around 4pm), energy was constant in the day and my bloating slowly disappeared.”

- Roz Butterworth

"The symptoms I was experiencing were muscle twitching, random aches and pains, dizziness, fatigue, sleep issues etc. The doctors came up with a may have fibromyalgia?!

Since working with Paula, my life has totally changed and I now realise my symptoms were linked to my gut as everything went away.

-Helen Jenkins



We've got A's for your Q's

I'm vegan, can I still do the GI Protocol?

Yes, the protocol is vegan-friendly.  

I don't want to lose weight, can I still do the GIP?

Absolutely! There is no calorie restriction in the protocol. You will also find out how to tailor the GIP for you in the Q&A guide that comes in the eBook. 

Where can I find recipes for the GIP?

All the recipes in Synergised Nutrition are GIP approved!

Can I do the GIP if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

I don't recommend it.  

Are there any supplements involved in the GIP?

Yes. You will find a list on the eBook with all the recommended brands to choose from. However, I also explain in detail in the videos what to look for (regardless of what country you’re based in) if you don’t have access to those products specifically. You will then be able to buy them online or in your local health store.  

Is there anyone that the GI Protocol isn't suitable for?

Please consult your healthcare practitioner if you are under 18, pregnant or lactating, have liver or kidney disease, gallbladder conditions, appendicitis, eating disorder, type 1 diabetes, or if any of your medications are contraindicated with any of the recommended supplements.  

Is there a guarantee?

Synergised wholly believes in it its methods but only if the client is dedicated to the full process.