Routine Protocol

Own your morning. Elevate your life. 


This Morning Routine Protocol was made for busy people who are looking to improve their mental, physical and emotional health.

If you take care of the start of your day, the rest of the day will take care of itself. It’s been proven that following a consistent morning routine, which complements your goals and lifestyle, boosts productivity, improves mood, reduces stress and elevates your overall health.

Identify Your Goals

So many people set goals and often these revolve around career, relationships or personal goals. However, a lot of the time setting goals to improve our health is neglected. This should be the number one priority, as your health will define how quickly and easily you meet the goals in other areas of your life.

Overcome Challenges

By following this Morning Routine protocol, your mental and physical health will be so dramatically elevated, so the rest has no choice but to follow. You will get more done by noon than most people achieve in a week, thus optimising your days, weeks, months and years.

Learn Mindfulness

If you feel like you’re not fulfilling your potential, your mindset is mostly negative, you’re unfocused, you lack energy and vitality, you want to feel more enlightened, you feel chaotic or lacking control of your life, or all the above – this protocol is for you!

Find Your Direction

In fact, this protocol will change your life. The practices will help you to form habits that will not only improve your health but also give you all the tools to fulfil your potential and benefit your career, relationships, with yourself and others.


You can feel the benefits too!

“I’ve never had a good morning routine before. I was usually just waking up, having breakfast in a rush and quickly brushing my teeth. I was in a constant stress of doing everything in the morning but not having enough time for it.

Since I explored Paula’s website, I knew she’s a person I can trust when it comes to health. I decided to try out the morning routine she does herself and recommends to her clients.

Now, although I need to wake up early to commit to a new morning routine, I feel so much better. I feel my body, mind and soul are taken care of through a number of practices that benefit my health and wellbeing.

I definitely feel more calm and have more mental clarity throughout the day since I started implementing these small steps in a good direction. I’m grateful for taking this decision and for all the information I acknowledged from the videos and ebooks.

I absolutely recommend everyone investing in health. Your body and soul will thank you for it!”

- Alicja Romanowska (Poland)

"The morning protocol that Paula has created is amazing! It really has changed my mornings completely. It took a little while to make sure I set aside enough time to implement the morning practices, but now I am in a routine I couldn’t be without it. I feel much happier and organised in the morning and feel a lot better in myself! Thank you Paula for creating such a helpful protocol."

- Helena Clarke (Liverpool)

“I purchased the morning routine when you first launched it and can I say what an investment! I embedded the protocol slowly to see how it would work and tweaked it a little to suit my lifestyle but the principles and the foundations you introduced into the morning routine remains the same.

I have noticed a huge change in following the principles, I wake up with a smile on my face, I have so much focus, clarity and energy that I achieve a great deal throughout the day. I look forward to the day and even though I do wake up early I still manage to fit in the morning routine. I am a vata body type so working out before breakfast I tend to lose weight a lot so in the morning’s I stick to 15/20 mins of yoga or Pilates and do strength workouts after breakfast usually between 10am - 12 noon.

Following your morning protocol, I feel so relaxed, calm and excited to begin my day. Before I purchased the morning routine, I was working out for over an hour and use to feel absolutely exhausted, no clear vision for the day and stressing my body out unnecessary through vigorous exercise. I found working out for 15mins a day is way more effective, sometimes less is more.

- Hardeep Kaur (Essex)

“Before I bought the morning routine from Paula my mornings were stressful and unorganised. Due to not currently being in work because of mental health issues, I barely had a sleeping pattern and bad habits, no matter how hard i tried to break them, were ruling my nights of insomnia and emotional days of waking late.

I would often start my day feeling dishearted and lost, scared of breakfast and eating foods that made many of my symptoms worst. This would include painful bloating, constipation, extreme fatigue, unexplained headaches, dizziness and occassionally going temporarily blind during activities such as showering, to name a few.

The biggest issue I've had is extreme mood fluctuations, partly because of having severe CPTSD, but also because of imbalanced hormones and adrenalin levels. This would often result in a cycle of emotionally breaking down by midday because i wasn't getting the nutrition i needed, often leading to eating too late after waking and then crashing in the afternoon. I would also barely get my 10k steps in due to dealing with agoraphobia.

Since implementing the steps in Paula's morning routine and tailoring them to my needs specifically, I've already noticed a positive difference. This is also due to the attentive, knowledgable and kind communication Paula has given me, always going above and beyond to support me with questions via email. I feel I am slowly getting back in control of my own life and creating healthy habits that feel maintainable.

I'm now more knowledgeable on the type of movement that is suitable for my body type, goals and needs (from home), and i'm getting my movement in first thing, noticing I have more energy to complete tasks as the day continues. Now, I'm finding it much easier to wake up naturally at the same time and my stress has been lowered by knowing exactly what i need to do to start my day right.

I look forward to my morning detoxification and breakfast with my supplements, knowing I'm already getting an adequate amount of water and noticing I'm getting less headaches and fatigue. I also realise some symptoms return when i don't do some of the detoxification elements like the drink."

- Sophie Brooke (West Yorkshire)


Included In The Morning Routine

10 In-Depth Videos

That will help you build and stick to a morning routine that complements your lifestyle and personal goals.

High Quality Interactive and Printable Handouts

Bursting with tips, tricks, professional advice and inspiration.

A Resources eBook

So you have all the tools you need at your fingertips (including supplements and recommended brands).


  • My Daily Foundational Supplement Protocol.

  • Nutritional Advice including ‘The Perfect Breakfast’.

  • The Ideal Evening Routine – a successful morning routine begins the night before.

Find your power faster.

Jump-start your day with a series of simple, yet powerful, practices that will completely transform your mental, emotional and physical health.