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What is your health goal? Do you want to feel more confident in your own skin? Improve your habits and have more productive days? Eat a healthier diet? Boost your energy and meet your fitness goals? Banish stubborn body fat? Work on your mental health? Stop saying 'one day' and start now.

Whatever your health or lifestyle goal, there is no better time to start your journey to better health than TODAY. The best part? There is a protocol to help you overcome your symptoms or reach your health goal!

Become the best version of you.

21 Day Reset


A full body reset to lose weight, combat ageing and boost energy. The fastest way of rebalancing the systems of the body that control inflammation, immune imbalances and metabolism.


GI Protocol


Can you trust your gut? An imbalanced gut is at the root of 90% of all my clients' health issues. In just 12 weeks you could overcome symptoms of IBS, low mood, acid reflux, skin issues, pain, chronic fatigue and so much more.

Morning Routine Protocol


If you take care of the start of your day, the rest of the day will take care of itself. This protocol was made for busy people who are looking to improve their mental, physical and emotional health. Learn how to master your mornings, so you can take control of your life.

Updated & Improved

All protocols have clearly been taking their supplements, because they're absolutely glowing. The eBooks and some videos have received a face-lift, to ensure you're getting the best possible content to support you on your health journey.

21 Day Reset




The easiest & quickest full-body detox programme.

Feel physically and mentally lighter, brighter & tighter in just 3 weeks.

21 Day Reset: What You Get

6 in-depth videos

Easily access everything you need to know for this 21-Day Reset. Videos can be watched on demand or downloaded to your device.

Interactive & printable eBook

Complete with educational content, tips & tricks, simple-to-follow instructions, a shopping list and linked resources.  

BONUS one day reset

The ultimate hangover handbook! How to 'reset' after a night of indulgent eating, poor sleep, drinking or overdoing it on vacation.

A functional medicine detox

The only way to completely detoxify and reset your body. This isn't an ineffective fad diet, this actually works and has LASTING results.



“Update on my husband's reset - he was walking to pick up his van and thought to himself “I’ve never felt better” HE’S ON DAY 5 😳. He isn’t taking his omeprazole, methotrexate, or any pain killers at the moment 😁. His psoriasis is not showing (the methotrexate calms this down) and he has no pain with his arthritis and he’s only on day 5 😅🎈🎉.”

Julia Mcmanus

“My stomach pain that I’ve had constantly for over a year stopped with a few days on the reset and zero acid reflux. I have much more energy, motivation, my skin is glowing, I feel excited with the meals I’m making although that did take me a good week to get into.”

Lynsey Ross




GI Protocol 




Reset, repair, rebalance and rebuild your gut only £239.

Do you regularly experience nausea, fatigue, brain fog, headaches, digestive issues, bloating, acid reflux, skin issues, joint pain, low mood or anxiety? Leave these symptoms in the past.

Your gut decides whether you live with symptoms or sparkle. In just 12 weeks time you could be at your goal weight, without crashes, cravings, chronic fatigue or complaints.

GI Protocol: What You Get

17 in-depth videos

Easily access everything you need to know and how to get the most out of the GI Protocol. Videos can be watched on demand or downloaded to your device.

Interactive & printable eBook

Complete with educational content, tips & tricks, simple-to-follow instructions, a shopping list and linked resources.  

Heaps of BONUS content

Access an interactive Resources eBook, a post-GIP video teaching you how to maintain your incredible results and a video sharing your daily foundational supplements!

Incomparable benefits

Reduce gas and bloating, support nutrient absorption, increase energy, improve skin health and boost your mental health.



“I was having complaints of low energy, bloating, weight gain, gas, and rosacea. I learned so much even from the consultation that I was excited to start the healing process.

Within a few days I would say my rosacea flare ups had eased (I was always having them around 4pm), energy was constant in the day and my bloating slowly disappeared.”

Roz Butterworth

"The symptoms I was experiencing were muscle twitching, random aches and pains, dizziness, fatigue, sleep issues etc. The doctors came up with a may have fibromyalgia?!

Since working with Paula, my life has totally changed and I now realise my symptoms were linked to my gut as everything went away.”

Helen Jenkins



Morning Routine 




Spend just £89 to dramatically elevate your mental and physical health so much, that the rest has no choice but to follow.

If you feel like you’re not fulfilling your potential, your mindset is mostly negative, you’re unfocused, you lack energy and vitality, you want to feel more enlightened, you feel chaotic or lacking control of your life, or all the above – this protocol is for you! 

Once you make this morning routine a habit, you will get more done by noon than most people achieve in a week, thus optimising your days, weeks, months and years. 

Morning Routine: What You Get

10 in-depth videos

This step-by-step videos will help you build and stick to a morning routine that complements your lifestyle and personal goals.

Interactive & printable eBook

Bursting with tips, tricks, professional advice and powerful inspiration. 

Access to a Resources eBook

So that you have all the tools you need at your fingertips (including supplements and recommended brands).

3 BONUS videos

Including 'My Daily Foundational Supplement Protocol', nutritional advice including ‘The Perfect Breakfast’ and

'The Ideal Evening Routine' – a successful morning routine begins the night before.  



“I’ve never had a good morning routine before. I was usually just waking up, having breakfast in a rush and quickly brushing my teeth. I was in a constant stress of doing everything in the morning but not having enough time for it.

Since I explored Paula’s website, I knew she’s a person I can trust when it comes to health. I decided to try out the morning routine she does herself and recommends to her clients.

Now, although I need to wake up early to commit to a new morning routine, I feel so much better. I feel my body, mind and soul are taken care of through a number of practices that benefit my health and wellbeing.

I definitely feel more calm and have more mental clarity throughout the day since I started implementing these small steps in a good direction. I’m grateful for taking this decision and for all the information I acknowledged from the videos and ebooks.

I absolutely recommend everyone investing in health. Your body and soul will thank you for it!”

Alicja Romanowska

“I purchased the morning routine when you first launched it and can I say what an investment! I embedded the protocol slowly to see how it would work and tweaked it a little to suit my lifestyle but the principles and the foundations you introduced into the morning routine remains the same.

I have noticed a huge change in following the principles, I wake up with a smile on my face, I have so much focus, clarity and energy that I achieve a great deal throughout the day. I look forward to the day and even though I do wake up early I still manage to fit in the morning routine. I am a vata body type so working out before breakfast I tend to lose weight a lot so in the morning’s I stick to 15/20 mins of yoga or Pilates and do strength workouts after breakfast usually between 10am - 12 noon.

Following your morning protocol, I feel so relaxed, calm and excited to begin my day. Before I purchased the morning routine, I was working out for over an hour and use to feel absolutely exhausted, no clear vision for the day and stressing my body out unnecessary through vigorous exercise. I found working out for 15mins a day is way more effective, sometimes less is more."

Hardeep Kaur




Give the gift of health & vitality.

Out of inspiration for gift ideas? Give your loved ones the best possible present: a wellness protocol that will serve them for years to come.